Sound the trumpet! The long reign of the cable company is at its end!  YouTube has finally announced that they are rolling out their answer to cable – YouTube TV.

What is YouTube TV?


YouTube TV is a month-to-month subscription service that allows members to watch actual live TV. They have partnered with all the major stations, so subscribers get access to channels like CBS, Fox, NBC, FX, ESPN, USA, and many, many more.

Subscribers will also be able to pick premium channels without getting roped into expensive bundles that force you to buy stations you don’t want. Cord cutting made easy!

And, because it is still YouTube, you will always be able to pause and rewind without issue. What’s more, because YouTube is a Google property, you will be able to DVR shows indefinitely on the cloud. Any amount of shows, for any length of time, saved for you to watch at your leisure. Other non-cable cable services, like Sling or DirecTV Now, don’t offer that.

And for $35 a month for six lines, anyone currently paying a cable bill can tell you how much of a bargain that is. Split the membership with six friends and you’re all paying less than six bucks a month! That’s a deal and a half.

Want to learn more? Hear YouTube celebrity Philip DeFranco explain the new service himself.