The first date is important.  Like super important. You only get one shot to impress a girl so it’s best you don’t make any stupid mistakes. There’s a lot of talk on whether you should be yourself, or pay for your date every time, or what have you. So over at TMG we’ve decided to make sense of all the clutter and weird dating tips out there.

These are some of the worst first date mistakes guys are making that you shouldn’t emulate:

Going to see a movie

So many people think a movie is a classic date but it is actually a huge mistake for two reasons: you are not going to say a word to each other and she is just going to think you are trying to score. You should plan an activity where both of you can get to know each other, not stare at a screen for two hours.


Texting her when you pick her up

Nothing says I don’t care on a first date than sending a text saying “here” when you pick her up. Walk up to that door like a gentleman and make your grandfather proud. If she’s not answering the door, giver her a call. Yes, a phone call.

first date mistakes

Bringing up your Ex

The last thing she wants to hear on a first date is about how much you were once in love. Leave the memories at home. You shouldn’t talk about your ex not only for her sake but for yours! If you’re out there dating it means that you’ve moved on so commit to moving on.

 Bragging about yourself

Don’t ramble on about yourself, this will only bore her and kill the conversation. Ask questions about herself and then listen. Listening is key my friends. Plenty of times I’ve heard female friends complain that all guys do on dates is talk about themselves, so don’t do that, especially on the first date. Ask her interesting questions and sincerely seek to get to know her.

first date mistakes

Getting drunk

If you are going out for drinks, be moderate in what you drink. Nobody wants to deal with your drunken antics while they are still trying to remember your name. Besides, a real man can hold his liquor.

Being on your phone

Put the phone away on a first date and focus on her. Your texts and work emails can wait until the date is over.

first date mistakes

Not paying

Show your date that chivalry is not dead and pick up that bill. However, if she wants to split, do not argue with her. Going Dutch on the first bill is a great way to start a relationship.

(Pro tip: don’t ever expect anything back because you paid for a steak and some wine; show some respect)

Bringing a friend

Why would you do this on a first date? is it technically even a date? Man up and leave your buddies at home. It is time to spend some alone time with a woman.

first date mistakes

Planning a second date

Big mistake. Give a day or two to think about the date and then ask her. Girls thrive on wondering if you are going to ask them out again so don’t ruin the appeal. You don’t want to seem overly clingy right from the start.