When you think about drones, you probably picture a flying box hovering eerily with it’s four helicopter propellers. And in most cases, you’d be right on the money. By in large, drones are remote controlled air crafts used for surveillance or recreation (or both, if spying on your neighbors is your thing).

But who said a drone had to be a flying machine? The purpose of a drone is to see from a vantage point that no person could achieve on their own. And, while 150 feet above the ground is certainly one of those spots, the earth is rich with interesting yet unreachable locals.

I mean, over half the planet is under a thick blanket of water. What about a drone that could give you eyes under the sea?

source: http://ferenczron.wixsite.com/

Well, Sea Doo is shopping around their idea for just that. Called the ROV (remote operated vehicle), this awesome unmanned underwater drone has two rear propellers for lateral movement and a horizontal propeller for ascending and descending. It is also equipped with a Canon lens on a double jointed mount so you will always be able to get the right angle of whatever sunken treasure you are scoping out.

source: http://ferenczron.wixsite.com/

So, no longer will the depths of that pond in your backyard remain a mystery. No longer will you have to guess what lurks beneath the dock, or even deeper underneath the waves. Think there may be gold doubloons down there? Go look for it!

Unfortunately, this awesome aquatic drone is still very much on the drawing board. While the concept looks totally bad ass, it is still going to be a few years before you’ll be remotely piloting a submarine in search of sunken treasure. But, like with all good ideas, it is only a matter of time before someone with enough money to fund the project jumps on it and adds it to their portfolio.

So start looking up any capsized ships in your area to get a head start once the undersea treasure hunt starts booming.