With countless layovers, frisky security guards, and terminals that resemble mazes, traveling can be a bit stressful. While some things cannot be avoided, such as the crying baby behind you, having some preparation for your trip can make the difference of a trip from hell to a stress-free journey.

Here are some tips on how to travel comfortably.

1) Forget about looking classy (once you’re in the air)

 Traveling is a time to whip out the sweatpants and long sleeve shirts out of your carry on, but once you’re in the air. Show up like a real man to the airport, with a blazer with a t-shirt underneath and pants; once you get on the plane you can change to sweatpants and comfy clothes. Remember, a real man always looks classy. Although Barney Stinson may not be happy during the flight, you’re going to be when you are comfy on that long flight–without looking sloppy at the airport.

George Clooney checking out of his hotel in NYC


2) Layer up 


There is not much room for your parka while your traveling so it is best to layer up. Plus, since your flight may be taking you across different climates, it is good to have clothing that is easy to take on and off as the temperature changes.

3) Pack light and leave the suitcase behind


By spending some time trimming your luggage, you can say goodbye to those days of waiting for your luggage and just use a carry-on instead. More airlines allow two carry-ons and this allows you to walk straight off the plane to your destination.

4) Get your entertainment ready before


Download all those shows, movies, and books you just haven’t had the time for before you leave. Since you never know how long your trip may take, having a season of The Wire or House of Cards to plow through will make that five-hour trip just fly by.