In case you aren’t aware, the long-running Canadian sitcom, the Trailer Park Boys, has recently moved to Netflix after being canceled after 8 seasons. The first rebooted season aired last year, and with the introduction of a few new characters (along with the exclusion of some cherished favorites – RIP Trevor), die hard fans started looking at the project sideways.

I mean, look at what Netflix did with Arrested Development. I mean, it’s fine. It’s just not the same.

Anyway, back to the Sunnyvale Trailer Park.

Season 10 blasts out of the gate with an awesome tone. And, without giving away too much of the season arc, here are a few reasons why you should start watching Trailer Park Boys right now.

Ricky is a Family Man

trailer park boys

That’s right, the previously unhinged, bumbling, drunk-and-stoned, remedial criminal Ricky has finally found his way into grand-fatherhood and at the head of a semi-legitimate family.

I mean, shit. He literally uses a baby’s finger to pack down a joint. Which, for Ricky, is pretty family centric.

Watch as Ricky tries to find the middle ground between his love of his ever expanding family with his love of getting drunk and high and doing B&Es. It’s a ride.

Bubbles has an Identity Crisis

trailer park boys

Even if you’ve never seen an episode, if you are aware of TPB, you probably have seen an image of Bubbles. He’s the goofy looking dude with the big coke-bottle glasses and the pronounced underbite. Yet, despite his appearance, Bubbles routinely proves himself to be the level head and brains of the operation.

But when a group of teenagers call him a nerd, he begins to spiral out of control, discovering a newfound love of guns, crime, and leather.

J-Roc goes South of the Border

trailer park boys

J-Roc, aka the leader of the roc-pile – Sunnyvale’s premier rap group, has always had a very loose grip on his racial identity. In seasons past he has gotten into major disagreements over his race, what with him being baby-powder white yet injecting “-izzle” at the end of any word he could. That said, after a few seasons of that, you just accept that this is who J-Roc is.

Well, when J-Rock and T come back to the trailer park this season after spending their time off in Mexico, J-Roc has brought with him a beautiful companion. A companion who for some reason believes J-Roc to be of Spanish decent, forcing him to switch between his horrendous Mexican accent to his equally stilted use of African English.

Yeah, it’s a bit racist, but it could also be seen as lampooning racists constructs. Just depends on how far into the joke you are willing to look.

Snoop Dogg, Doug Benson and Tom Arnold Show Up

Last but certainly not least, when the Boys turn Sunnyvale into an all inclusive resort (with the inclusivity policy extending to weed products) a few of the most iconic stoner figures on earth show up to test the wares. Oh, and Tom Arnold is there too.

Seriously, though. Watching Snoop and his crew roll up in a fleet of Cadillacs, get out in front of billows of smoke, and then just exist in Sunnyvale as themselves, it is a legitimately beautiful thing. Seriously.

And it is not just one episode either. They stick around for the long haul! It’s amazing!!