They say you should choose a career that involves what you love, but what if you simply adore making money? Besides, those are not mutually exclusive: you can love what you do and earn good money for it. In addition, if you’re passionate about the environment or about education, you will be able to make more of an impact in those areas if you have money to put behind your passionate ideals (think of Bill Gates or Angelina Jolie).

Whatever the reason, this list will be of assistance in choosing something lucrative.



Folks will always be neglecting or injuring their bodies. From dentistry to physical therapy, practitioners in the healthcare industry will be in perpetual demand and are consistently high earners – some even more so than others. Should you have the stomach for blood and for academia, involving yourself in surgical treatments can range you into multiple hundreds of thousands in annual earnings. The annual average salary for a surgeon is $230,000.



If you have a knack for coordinating and directing people and resources, consider applying it in management. IT, Marketing, Financial, Sales, and Operations Managers all hold six figure average or median salaries according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)–annual average of $130,000. You’ll shoulder a stiff load of responsibilities, though, so mind your stress levels.



You expected this to be here. They’re the butt of jokes, are subject to some rather negative assumptions, and suffer a reputation for hating their jobs, but lawyers are well paid. Expect ample compensation if you succeed. More importantly, be sure that you want to practice law before you commit. There’s no reason you can’t be one of those who enjoy the work. The average salary for an attorney is $116,000 a year.

Software/Web Development


Ever spent time with your nose buried in code? Then you’ve already got your foot in the door and your skills are certain to be called upon: the BLS lists both of these as enjoying 20 percent or greater employment growth by 2022. Average salaries range from $92,000 to $134,500, and your odds of finding work in these areas are looking very good. You may even be able to work from home.



This one of the fastest and safest ways to make good money. After a 4-year undergrad degree, most entry-level salaries in engineering jobs average at $60,000 a year. At a more senior level, you can expect to make around $98,000 a year. Although websites tend to list petroleum engineering as the number one choice for engineering prospects, with the fall in oil prices we recommend electrical or mechanical engineering as a safer bet. The average salary for a mechanical engineer is $86,000.