While Parks and Recreation may no longer be on the air, one character has managed to fly above the confines of the show and into internet immortality – Ron Swanson.

Chances are you are aware of Mr.Swanson, but on the off chance that you haven’t heard, he is the longtime head of the Pawnee Parks and Rec department. He is also skilled woodworker, outdoorsman, electrician, plumber, mechanic, and anything else that involves tools and elbow grease. He has strong opinions on work ethic, the government, meat, scotch, barbers, and powerful women. To put it simply, Ron Swanson is the manliest man to ever grace a TV screen. Which is why we are talking about him.

Much of Ron Swanson’s internet acclaim is due to not only his hyper-masculine persona, but because of the perfectly blunt and almost poetic way he stated his world view. So here are 10 pearls of Ron wisdom that are sure to make you a manlier man.

Top 10 Ron Swanson Quotes

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