Relationships have their perks, but there’s no need to rush into them before you’re eager. In fact, many normal, sensible people hold reason to stay solo well through their 20s. Your twenties is the time when you should building the foundations for your future life while at the same time exploring the world and having a good time. You will never be as healthy, as fit and as “free” as you are in your twenties and relationships can represent a commitment that you might not want to submit yourself to.

1) You don’t know what you want in a partner yet
Being hurried is a good method of finding your way into a mistake. If you don’t really know what you want in a partner, date around and see what you like!

2) You want to run your day spontaneously and without approval
Even if this potential significant other abets unplanned activity without them, scheduling may still revolve around shared dates. No relationship means that you can plan your day as you’d like and be more productive.

3) You’ll never be more free
Maybe you just finished school or you’ve saved up some money working, either way at this point in your life the future is wide open and a relationship can represent a door closing. Now that you have the freedom and time to explore the world, why would you settle for some girl?

4) You want freedom to travel
If a single guy would like to up and leave on a backpacking tour through a foreign continent, he goes right ahead and does it; a man in a relationship might have a harder time. Besides, think of all the women you haven’t seen in the world! Some of the best hook up stories I’ve heard took place in foreign lands.

5) You want time for friends
They can represent meaningful relationships without negatively impacting the other items on this list. Friends always stick around while relationships come and go. Go out and make some life-long friends and forget about commitment.

6) You want time to build a career
These years can be used to chase promotions, pay raises, and contacts wherever they may best be procured. Take all day to schmooze with the higher ups if you like. This is the time to work your ass off so you can build strong foundations for your career. As Malcolm Gladwell would say, every one needs to put in their 10,000 hours to be successful–why not start as soon as possible?

7) You want time to develop hobbies
You could have nobody to answer to if you want to spend all Saturday in your underwear playing video games. Alternatively, you could drown yourself in creativity and disciplines, either way being alone will help with that.

8) You want control over your home
Complete personalization of your space, whether that means heaps of clothes strewn about or a neat sanctuary of your own design, can be had without fuss. Dishes will be done when you say they will be done!

9) You still depend on someone
If you’re still dependent on your parents for money, or on a girlfriend or ex-girlfriend for emotional support, you’re not ready for a serious commitment. Your 20s is the time to find ways to support yourself–both economically and in terms of being okay with being alone.

10) You don’t want to be obligated to deal with emotions.
Such can be rewarding, but maybe you’d rather not be on call for intense support duty.

Look, we’re not saying that if you find the one (if such a thing even exists) to walk away from that. We’re saying that if you’re single right now, or in a bad relationship you should, respectively, enjoy your freedom or get out of that relationship.

The world is a great place, go see it.