Every man has an ideal physique in mind, but the world of exercise and dieting can be complicated and confusing.

But with YouTube quickly putting personal trainers out of business, it’s never been easier (and cheaper) to get fitness tips from experts.

Here’s a list of the top 10 YouTube channels that will help you reach your fitness goals.

1) Kali Muscle


This channel is all about motivation to better yourself. Kali decided to bulk up and turn his own life around while in prison. That means he’s an expert on working with limited equipment. His channel is good option for those looking for gains on a budget.

2) Brandon Carter


Brandon Carter has a physique that a lot of guys strive for. His YouTube channel offers some of the best tips on how to combine exercise and dieting to get in shape. What we love about Big Brandon Carter is the way he emphasizes the importance of being more than just fit or buff; he likes to tell his audience to read books and grow smarter in order to better yourself in all aspects of your life.

3) Twin Muscle Workout


Hosted by twins, Keith and Kevin, this channel offers tons of useful workout tips. But what makes this channel stand out (other than the fact that it’s hosted by twins) is its blog element. The twins answer questions from fans and add their personal anecdotes for insight.

4) Six Pack Shortcuts


Yes, he’s everywhere and his ads can be a bit annoying but his channel is the most viewed fitness channel on YouTube. Mike from Six Pack Shortcuts will walk you through just about everything there is to know about muscle.

5) BUFF Dudes


Before you write this one off for having a silly name, BUFF actually stands for “better understanding of food and fitness.” On top of having an awesome mid-1980s trailer, BUFF dudes uses a lot of creativity and superb production quality to teach you about working out, dieting, and overall healthy living.

6) Physique of Greatness


While focusing mainly on fitness, this channel almost doubles as a lifestyle blog. Viewers follow host Chris Jones before, during, and after his workouts during which time he will give you tips on everything from dieting to dating.

7) Strength Camp


This channel is hosted by Elliott, whose mission is to help people become “the strongest version of themselves.” It includes everything from basic workout tips to motivational videos to answers to a plethora of questions and concerns about fitness. The channel is no longer publishing, but with more than 12,000 videos already online, it’s still a useful resource for most people looking to get into shape.

8) Scott Herman Fitness

Scott Herman- Side Flex HEAD SHOT

Scott’s channel is about helping you get into a workout routine. He only updates his channel once a week, but his videos that are longer than most and they’re packed full of detail. This guy knows what he’s doing.

9) Athlean X


The advantage of following this channel is that you’re getting guidance from a true industry professional with lots of experience. Host Jeff Cavaliere has worked with some of America’s top athletes. His videos help you focus on specific problem areas and make sure you don’t get injured while training.

10) Tony Do


Tony Do is a mens physique competitor as well as an advocate for IIFYM (if it fits your macros). He started out just like most of us as someone who wanted to be ripped. Now that he has the abs, he wants to be a source of motivation and guidance for those looking to achieve their ideal physique.