Many kinds of the neck pains are mainly caused by the sudden trauma such as sprains or muscle strains, which can heal quickly. In general, the treatment options for neck pain begins with such conservative cares in form of ice/heat therapy, pain medications and even muscle conditioning and physical therapy.

There are certain treatments, which are now available for the neck pain, and many of them are the self-care measures. Therefore, a great combination of suitable options for neck pain treatment is highly recommended.

Tip 1: Just take it easy

In this modern age, you may have such a hectic and busy life as most of the people do. Therefore, the probability of increasing the neck pain from muscle pain and injury are very high. In this case, it is important for you to reduce intense activities temporarily.

Whilst resting, you should choose a comfortable and easeful position, which can cause you the least amount of pain for your neck. You can also put a pillow or roll up a towel under the neck so that your neck can be kept in a neutral position.

On the other hand, taking a rest does not mean going to bed and remaining that as long as possible. In fact, staying immobile for one or two days is very harmful since it may decondition your muscles, which help support your neck. Moreover, this can increase your neck pain in the future.

When healing your neck, you should adjust the level of your activity so that you can comfortably deal with. Whenever you feel better, you can gradually enhance the intense of your activity back to normal.

Tip 2: Supporting your neck while sleeping

For those who are suffering from the neck pain, which seems to be much worse after waking up, the neck support when sleeping is essential and beneficial.

You should use the best pillow for neck pain, which has an appropriate height to support your neck’s natural curve. There are many kinds of pillows, which have their surfaces contoured so that they can support your neck and retreat to leave more space in the supported zone for the head.

On the other hand, you may try to add a rolled up towel under the pillowcase to support the neck.

In addition, you can also use the firm mattress and avoid stomach sleeping as much as possible because this can put more strains on the neck.

Tip 3: Apply heat/cold

People usually face the cold/hot conundrum with the common question – Which one should I use? In general, it is recommended that you should use the ice treatment for the first twenty-four to forty-eight hours after being injured to reduce the swelling. On the other hand, you should use the heat treatment to improve the stiffness and loosen your muscles.

No matter what treatments you use, you must keep them for less than twenty minutes at a time, after that, you must leave it off for forty minutes, at least. In addition, you should wrap the heat source or ice in the towel and never place it directly on your skin to avoid winding up with the nasty burn.

Tip 4: Stretch

When feeling well enough and after receiving permissions from your doctor, you should practice the stretching exercises to relieve the neck pains and improve your flexibility as well.

It is great to do those exercises after you warm up your muscles with a towel, bath or a warm shower.

Here are some simple stretches for your neck pain, which you can easily do at any time

  1. Turn your head, slowly, to the left. Use the left hand to apply a light tension on the chin to make your head slightly turn. Hold this for twenty seconds and gradually return your head to the center. Then, repeat the same movement on your right side.
  2. Tilt your head to the left. Then, try your best to touch the left ear, then the shoulder. Use the left hand to apply a light pressure on your temple and hold it for about 20 sec. Then, repeat the same movement on your right side.
  3. Bend your head forward, and attempt to touch the chin to the chest. Let your shoulders relax when doing this. Hold it for about 20 sec, and then repeat the same movement.
  4. Let your back lie on a flat surface and let your knees bent. Put a pillow under your neck and head for more support. Then slowly nod your head forward as if you are saying the word “Yes”. Remain your position for about 10 sec, and relax. Repeat the same movement for 10 times.

In case you feel any notable discomfort with this exercise, you must stop it immediately.

Tip 5: Move it

Many studies have proved that doing exercises is an advantageous method to treat your neck pain. Women suffering from chronic neck pains, who perform endurance and strength exercises using light weights and resistance bands, noticeably lower their disability and neck pain.

It is also vital to keep yourself active in particular. 30 minutes of daily aerobic exercises as swimming, biking or walking, etc. will help improve the blood flow, thus, nourish the spine and keep it always healthy. Moreover, you can talk to your personal trainer, physical therapist or your doctor, who is expertise in dealing with neck pains, so that you can decide the suitable exercises for yourself.

Tip 6: Get out of the Slump

A bad posture is also one of the main factors of the neck pain. You must consider your posture at any time, when you are lifting, standing or sitting. Besides, make sure that your back is always supported and attempt to let your neck and head as straight as possible.

We hope that through our post, you can find the best neck pain treatment options for yourself. In addition to those useful tips, you can also find top 5 handheld massagers of 2017 to help you dealing with your neck pain. No matter what treatments or methods that you want to use, you must consider everything carefully and choose the most appropriate one, which suits you best!