Let’s talk about one of the newest trends sweeping the globe – vaping.

It is strange to think that just 30 years ago, smoking tobacco was not only acceptable, but largely expected. Now, thanks to ad campaigns like “Truth,” there is a lot more awareness around the harmful effects of smoking. Which is great – if you don’t smoke.

However, for smokers this can cause a great deal of strife. No more smoking inside, so even on the most bitter cold of days, you are exiled to the curb. Plus, now that people know exactly how bad smoking is for you, rather than just ignore your bad habit, they feel obligated to share with you their opinions and urge you to quit. It can get tiring.

And while there have been smoke-free ways of ingesting nicotine (i.e., patches, gum, lozenges), a big part of smoking is the ritual – taking out a cigarette, lighting it, and inhaling that first puff of smoke. It may be bad for you and it may be smelly, but you have to admit, there is a certain allure to it.

Well, now thanks to us living in the future, there is a way for people to get their precious nicotine in a way that is both carcinogen-free and smoke-adjacent: vaping.

What is Vaping?

Vaping is short for vaporizing, which implies that, rather than inhale smoke, you are inhaling steam. And while steam is still very hot and not as good for you as regular air, it doesn’t carry with it any of the tar that smoke does. So no more chimney lungs! Plus, it comes in a wide variety of flavors. Why settle for that woody tobacco taste when you can have mango champagne?

That said, you can still get it tobacco flavored if that is your jam. Or jam flavored if that is your jam.

Now, like any new technology, there are good vaporizers that have reliable battery lives, compact frames, and strong “throat hits” (yeah, that is what they call the potency of the vape. Feel free to insert blow job joke here).

If you are looking to get into vaping, these are some solid choices that are sure to have you puffing billowy clouds of vape and irritating customers in the next booth over.

Aspire K1 Starter Kit


Great for the newbie looking to feel out the world of vaping. This discreet little vape pen is sleek enough to slide right into your pocket, cheap enough not to break the bank, and powerful enough to be reminiscent of an actual cigarette.

Vaporfi Pro II Starter Kit

Vaporfi Pro II Starter Kit vaping

Another sleek little pen, the Vaporfi Pro II gives you the basic experience of vaping without the big bulky handle some of the more serious pens have. Also, with a removable drip-tip, you can switch between steel or plastic, depending on what feels right to you.

Atmos Boss Dry Herb Vaporizer

Atmos Boss Dry Herb Vaporizer vaping

Unlike the other two, which use the e-Liquid as the substance getting vaporized, the Atmos Boss lets you take actual tobacco – or whatever – and vaporize it. So, theoretically, if you wanted to vaporize some oregano – or whatever – you could just throw it in the chamber, wait for it to heat up and then puff away. Pretty cool, right?

Apollo VTube 4.0

Apollo VTube 4.0 vaping

Now this pen means business. If you are looking to puff out those insane clouds of milky vape, this pen is for you. Not for the faint of heart, the VTube is more of an advanced-level vape. However, with the adjustable wattage, you can start out low and work your way up all in one machine.

Endura T22

Endura T22 vaping

Not quite as sleek as the other pens on the list, the T22 is designed more for functionality than form. That said, if you are an ex-smoker looking for a way to fill that void, the T22 is the best choice on this list. With a chamber optimized for mouth-to-lung inhaling, this beasty is made to hit just like a regular stogie. So puff away, friend!

Header image provided by: Vaping360