Nothing says, “drinking like a man” quite like a neat, no-nonsense glass of whiskey. But every whiskey-loving gent must sooner or later face the fact that his drink of choice might not be appropriate for every occasion. As spring rolls around and the outdoors call, your 15-year-old Glendronach Revival may be a little too highbrow for the lawn chair and barbecue scene. But do not despair! The Man Guide has a list of delicious solutions for you.

Here are five whiskey cocktails perfect-for-spring cocktails you can casually sip on without having to give up your favorite scotches and bourbons or your manliness.

1. Whiskey Lemonade


Your childhood favorite has finally grown up. With homemade honey simple syrup and fragrant fresh herbs, this lemonade stand won’t be going out of business any time soon. Get the recipe here.

2. Bourbon Sweet Tea


Nothing says “rocking chair on the front porch” quite like sweet tea or bourbon. The real magic happens when you put both of them together! Get the recipe here.

3. The End-of-Summer


It may be too early to be talking about summer. In some parts of the country, it’s even too early for spring. But you shouldn’t have to wait until August to try this inviting peach smash. Get the recipe here.

4. Whiskey Rock-a-Roller


This cocktail combines the flavors of strawberry, raspberry, and rhubarb into a tried and tested crowd-pleaser that is the perfect addition to any backyard barbecue. Get the recipe here.

 5. Bourbon Milkshake

Mix whiskey, vanilla and chocolate ice cream and you’ve got yourself the most delicious way to cool the sweat off your brow as days get warmer. Get the recipe here.