Getting to know the world shouldn’t leave you broke. Technology keeps improving and fuel has never been cheaper so why is air travel so expensive?! Although we won’t attempt to explain the complicated details of the air travel industry today, below you’ll find the best ways to circumvent the system and find the best prices without spending all of your savings.

Agreggation Sites

There’s plenty of flight websites out there but the best ones are ITA Matrix, Google Flights, Skyscanner, and Kayak. There’s also plenty of websites that promise to offer the cheapest fares like Cheapoair and Flighthub, which can offer great prices but are a nightmare if you need to cancel a trip or change a date, so if you want discounted prices, make sure you’re not changing your dates or cancelling your trip because you won’t get your money back.

Guidelines to Book Cheap Flights 

  • Booking flights on a Tuesday is allegedly the cheapest day to book flights–it make sense, most people want to travel closer towards the end of the week. Remember, the higher demand the higher the prices when it comes to flying. For that reason …
  • Start looking for holiday flights 4 months in advance and buy your tickets 3 months before your flight. However, for domestic flights, the ARC has indicated that the cheapest tickets can be found 42 days before
  • Track prices of potential flights using Google Flights, which lets you save your itinerary and provides a graph that shows you how prices change overtime
  • Sign up for Airfare Watchdog to receive emails when there’s discounted tickets for your desired destinations
  • ITA Matrix has a calendar tool that allows you to see the price of your desired flight every day.
  • The earliest flight of the day is usually the cheapest
  • Ultimately, be flexible when it comes to destination airports and days of departure/arrival so you can play around ticket prices
  • Learn to travel with only carry-on (click here) so you don’t have to pay to check in your suitcase.
  • The ultimate advice: fly when most people don’t want to (early in the morning, at midnight, on a Tuesday) and plan ahead
  • According to, the cheapest time to book a flight is on Tuesdays at 3 p.m

Beware of buying from third parties 

Sure, they show great discounted prices, but their customer service can sometimes be nonexistent and whatever you book is pretty much unchangeable. The best way to use these sites in my opinion is to using them to find cheap tickets and then go to the actual airline’s website or give them a call asking about said ticket.

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