Breakfast without a doubt is the more important meal of the day. Countless studies have found that the secret to staying fit is to have a good breakfast. Rather than rattling off some some delicate (and complicated) sensory indulgences, however, let’s peek at a toothsome something slightly more practical for the everyman. Each has their own tastes, and yours need not be ignored if you prepare dishes that easily cater to individual styles. The best breakfast foods are easy and healthy. Try any one one these bases to build a flexible launch pad for your favorite flavors.



Protein, protein, protein. That’s the secret to success when it comes to eating. With eggs you could shoot for a perfect omelette if you like, or simply jumble a pile of assorted meats and vegetables into a pan full of egg for something more forgiving. Think of them as a savory cement – a binding agent for whatever breakfast (or other) items you’d like to combine. Like cheese? Have nothing but cheddar melted over your scramble. Holding leftovers you can’t get rid of? Chop it up and toss it in. Apply heat ‘till desired consistency is achieved and chow down.

 Frozen meals

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We’re not talking prepackaged name brand meals, but large scale preparation of certain items that freeze well and that are healthier than something you can buy at the grocery store. You might be surprised how many things the microwave can revive intact. Chili. Cassaroles. Stews. These may require more initial effort, but one shift at the kitchen counter could serve you satisfying meals for a week. Find a recipe you love and pack the bounty into icebox-bound microwaveable containers.


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A.k.a nature’s pre-workout. Milk and oats are a potent one-two punch of impressively cheap nutrition that will happily accept an array of additions. From a humble sprinkling of cinnamon to peanut butter and jelly, chocolate protein powder, or vanilla and peaches, fans of the cereal adhere to uniquely personal concoctions. Bear in mind that some bowls stray into dessert territory with deceptive ease. Choose instant oats for a porridge-y texture, while steel cut and rolled will yield something substantially more toothy. Oatmeal will satisfy your hunger for a long time and give you the energy boost you need.