Some people like to have a ton of clothes, each with a specific purpose. A weatherproof shell for hiking, a pocketed coat for travel, a warm liner for winter, a cozy hoodie for lazy days – a different jacket for every conceivable scenario.

But, if you are like me, simplicity is the name of the game. Which is why the Adv3nture Hoodie has been taking Kickstarter by storm, swiftly surpassing its goal and becoming the number 1 fashion project on the site.

So, what makes this hoodie so special?

It. Does. Everything.

We’ll take it one step at a time. First…


adv3nture hoodie


Holy hell. This thing has pockets. Serious pockets. Pockets on pockets. And not dumb like on cargo shorts. These little stash spots are sleek and functional. There are nine pockets total – some in the usual places, others so stashed away you’d need a map just to find them.

There’s a pocket for your wallet, a waterproof pocket for your phone, a pocket for your keys, a pocket for a mini pen. There’s even a special neoprene lined koozie pocket on the chest for holding a can of beer! What?!

Yeah – it’s a beer coat.


adv3nture hoodie


Oh yeah. Everything on this jacket is purposeful. The zipper? That’s a bottle opener. The hood? Extra long to double as blindfold for naps. The sleeves? Have extendable hand warmers and beverage grips. There are loops to hold ear buds, clips for sunglasses, seams that are reflective at night. And to top it all off, the whole thing can be easily rolled up into the hood to make for a comfy, impromptu pillow!


adv3nture hoodie


Normally with a garment this feature-rich, something is missing in the style department. Not the case! This jacket manages to roll every conceivable feature a jacket could have into one of the most stylish and fashion forward hoodies on the market. And, not only do the lines on the coat make it look super sleek, but it is available in a wide array of colors and patterns to perfectly match your personal preferences.

To learn more about the Adv3nture Hoodie, check them out on Kickstarter. And get yours today before they hit stores and the price gets jacked up!