TBWA/Hakuhodo, an advertising company based in Tokyo, created “3D on the rocks,” pieces of ice art carefully carved with 3D printing technology. The campaign to advertise Suntory Whisky reminds one of the art, elegance, and delicate nature of a good glass of whiskey.

The process is similar to how 3D printers shape plastic figures: using the Autodesk 123D software, the user captures images and comes up with a 3D design. Then the company used what’s called a CNC router to carve the ice into the desired 3D design.

The router is chilled to -7 C so the friction generated by the rotation doesn’t melt the ice. The piece is completed by “pouring chilled whiskey [that] polishes the surface of the ice and gives a beautiful shine to the sculpture,” Miwako Fujiwara from TBWA/Hakuhodo told CNET.

Each piece of frozen art takes about six hours to complete and the result, ranging from the Statue of Liberty, to guitars and the Apple logo, is a sculpture of ice that fits in your glass.

The advertising campaign was deservedly awarded a “Lotus” trophy from Thailand’s Asia-Pacific Advertising Festival.

It’s almost a shame to see the pieces melt. But when it comes to whiskey, anything is worth it.

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