It’s winter time and if you’re not lucky enough to live in California or Miami, where you live winter means subzero weather and a ton of snow. Even if you live in a warm place, you don’t want to look like a South Park character when you travel up north. Just because there is snow on the ground and the air is too cold to breathe does not mean you need to look like a human cocoon. Here is how you can stay warm and look great this winter.

1. Get a Good Pair of Boots

Do not wear running shoes in the snow, they are simple not practical. Also, they do not look good. Go with a professional looking shoe that is also built for the winter. For some interesting options you may want to look here.

Timberland boot

2. Get a Good Winter Coat

A good winter coat is an investment. You want one that keeps you warm and makes you look like winter is your best friend. Go with a lined peacoat. As an added bonus, women love these (trust me). Here is an example from Nordstrom:



3. A Nice Pair of Leather Gloves

I know, people think gloves look weird or childish, but if you choose the right pair they can make you seem even more professional. Go with a nice, simple pair of black or brown (depending on your outfit) leather gloves. They will match everything and they should last you a lifetime. Buy here.



4. A Scarf and a Hat

A scarf and hat. These are highly underrated winter accessories. They not only add to an outfit, but they keep you extremely warm. Just go with a basic print or color that matches your coat.


The best part about all of these things is that they should last you a very long time. Buy them for one winter, and they should last you through many more. Dress up this winter and impress people with your ability to make -35 degree weather look attractive. Buy here and here.