There’s nothing better than a good music festival, but a lot of the most popular ones rely on a lot of “flavor of the month/year” acts. This is necessary for them since they have to bring in the crowds and I get it, no hate on my end. But that’s what makes me appreciate Riot Fest even more. Riot Fest centers on different sub genres of rock such as punk, hardcore, alternative, metal, etc; and they usually sprinkle in some hip hop acts for good measure too. The line ups never disappoint the fans, especially those who grew up going to like-minded events such as Warped Tour.

In it’s eleventh year, Riot Fest has not only provided the original location of Chicago (Sept. 16-18) with a bad ass line up, but also had a previous show in Denver (Sept. 2-4) with a list of bands that was just as strong. 2016’s incarnation features the original members of Misfits, Deftones, Nas, Vince Staples, NOFX, Glassjaw, among many others. Three day tickets for Chicago are sold out, but single day tickets are still available if you don’t want to miss out.

This 30 track playlist is our nod of respect to this amazing festival and features some of our favorite bands appearing at Riot Fest (both Denver & Chicago line ups). Rock out to this all weekend and make sure to hit up Riot Fest on September 16-18, and subscribe to our Spotify channel for more great playlists.

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