1997 was one of the most iconic years, period, for a few reasons. It was the year where MP3s first began to emerge.  They weren’t easy to get or as popular but it was the format that made our entire musical digital landscape possible. It was also the year where Microsoft helped out a failing company named Apple Computers and bought $150 million in shares. That’s right, without this transaction, your fancy ass iPhone or MacBook wouldn’t be around today. Instead you might be using a Dell or whoever would have taken it’s place.

In other entertainment, shout out to South Park for still being consistent 20 years later. Most shows that started that year are long gone and forgotten. This was also the year where Titanic hit hard (no pun intended) sweeping through awards left and right. Unfortunately, we had to hear that damn My Heart Will Go On song everywhere. You couldn’t get away from that damn track. Same goes for anything relating to the Spice Girls or Hanson. None of those God forsaken songs made it to this playlist so don’t worry. This was also the year when we lost one of the biggest figures in music to this day, The Notorious B.I.G., who released his posthumous album a few weeks after his death.

This week’s throwback playlist is dedicated to the best tracks of 1997. Thirty tracks and two hours full of Wu-Tang, Sublime, Deftones, Radiohead, Janet Jackson and many more.


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