Albums may be too much for people to listen to at times, even though this year had some great releases, but everyone loves a good playlist. Especially one that gathers the best songs of 2016 all rolled into something you can play instead of the same songs you’ve heard all year on the radio. In 2016, Hip hop once again took charge of the mainstream with Chance The Rapper having a break out year and Kanye’s name being on everyone’s mouth. Other genres didn’t lag behind with R&B and rock having  some of the best music displayed in a while. A couple of newer artists emerged on the scene, such as Anderson .Paak and Seratones, and gave everyone a preview of what their future may hold. Not to mention seasoned vets like Radiohead, A Tribe Called Quest, and Metallica who released some of their best songs in years. Unfortunately, we lost too many legends, but that reminded us of the greater influence that they’ve had on the artists that are still with us.

This Spotify playlist will highlight the best music in the past 365 days for your enjoyment. You’ll find some of your favorite tracks, while completely skipping a few that were overly played out. Not to mention, plenty of music you may have slept on for one reason or another. End this year off properly and bang out some of the best songs that were released in 2016.