I’m thankful for having older brothers with good taste in music because I must have been around three years old the very first time I heard Metallica. One of my brother’s used to rock a Ride The Lightning shirt, with a glow in the dark skeleton sitting in an electric chair and I thought that was the coolest shit ever, so needless to say I gravitated toward that particular album. I remember distinctly falling in love with their guitar solos, mostly provided by Kirk Hammett, although I really liked everything else I heard. By the time I was four, Metallica was everywhere due to the music video for One being aired all over MTV, you know back when MTV actually played videos all the time. But again, I was a child and I may have liked it, but I didn’t appreciate it as much until I grew up and realized what it is that I was listening to.

By 1991, I was already accustomed to music and had developed my own tastes but in that year Metallica dropped their self-titled album, or as is known in many circles “The Black Album”.  This is one of the albums that turned my entire world upside down, from top to bottom my young impressionable mind thought this was one of the best things ever recorded. And it was. I’m not going to say it’s Metallica’s best album, that’s debatable depending on who you ask (I still steer toward Ride The Lightning myself), but it’s without a doubt one of the most legendary albums in music history.

The Black Album received undeniable acclaim and it’s mainstream success helped Metallica reach a whole new level of stardom. Twenty five years later, that album (and Metallica themselves) influenced countless bands and have shaped music in a way that my 4 year old mind would have never comprehended back then. In the 25th anniversary of Metallica’s eponymous album, I put together this 30 track playlist from the best of Metallica. From Kill Em All to Death Magnetic, except St Anger because if I ever hear that fucking snare again I might vomit. Here are 30 of the best Metallica tracks for you to head bang to through out the weekend.