Music, when used properly, is an integral part of a TV series or feature film. The soundtracks help establish the scene and puts the audience in the proper mood. Whether it’s a show’s theme song you just can’t get out of your head, or that obscure track that they played during the closing credits, music helps us grow more in tune with our favorite shows. HBO series have not only given us some of the finest and most memorable shows of our generation, but they’ve also delivered some of the very best soundtracks. From The Sopranos to Vinyl, which was unfortunately cancelled after it’s first season, HBO soundtracks have been untouchable when it comes to defining a TV series. Of course all the credit goes to the curators such as Randall Poster (Vinyl, Boardwalk Empire), Scott Vener (Entourage, Ballers), among others.

In honor of the amazing job these guys have done, we’ve compiled a long ass playlist full of the best HBO Soundtracks throughout the years. Bump this up and get ready to re-watching some of your favorite shows all over again.