Ah, the holiday season. It’s time to reunite with family, travel, get presents and take a much needed break from school and work. But in between all the highlights, you’ll be dealing with a lot of frustrating things. Long shopping lines and sold out items? Probably. Slow lines at the airport? Guaranteed. That crying baby on your flight? God, I hope not. Having dinner with that one racist relative who will puff out  his chest out extra hard this year? Almost guaranteed. Add in the amount of work that you’ll have before taking time off (like studying for semester finals) and this holiday season can really stress you out.  TMG Spotify Playlist: Beats to Chill Out To is the solution.

chill out beats spotify playlist woosah bad boys

During those stressful times, it’s good to have some music you can fall back on. Something you can just pop in and chill out. No vocals, just beats that you can even have as background music while you study or crank it up during your long flight home. This two hour instrumental playlist was made to help you relax, just lay back and enjoy the sounds of artists like Bonobo, J Dilla, Fat Jon & Kaki King. So press play and tune the world out. Don’t forget to follow our Spotify channel for more playlists.


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