From Chef to author and now a TV personality, Anthony Bourdain has lived quite the life. For those who do not know him, the TMG has got you covered. He is one of the most renown chefs in the business. In his new CNN show Parts Unknown he uses food sometimes as a symbol, other times as a gathering center, and explores cultures that are often misunderstood. We have cooked up six reasons why Bourdain is the ultimate man’s man.

1) He once ate a live cobra’s heart

Yes a cobra, and yes its heart. Bourdain ate the live, beating heart of the cobra while filming his show “No Reservations.” He spoke about the experience on the On The Late Show with David Letterman, saying that the cobra’s hear beat “all the way down.”

2) He used a fake identity to stay hidden

After checking himself into rehab in order to battle his profuse drug usage, Bourdain jumped around New York City working a slew of jobs including line cook, oyster chucker, brunch cook and caterer all under fakes names.


3) Even though he might act macho, he is a romantic

Bourdain and his high school girlfriend Nancy Putkoski got married in the 1980s and remained together for 20 years. However, the couple eventually spilt due to Bourdain’s extensive travels. Bourdain is now happily married to Ottavia Busia.


4) He practices Brazilian jiujitsu everyday

Bourdain claims Brazilian jujitsu to be obsession of his, practicing every day in New York and also while travelling. However, as much as he practices, he claims his wife and daughter to be much better than he is: “She could kick my ass, your ass and just about anybody else’s ass. Really.” It doesn’t get manlier than that.

5) He does weird things for his daughter

Bourdain stopped wearing earrings and thumb rings after having his daughter born because, as Bourdain notes, “Dads shouldn’t have earrings. Or thumb rings.”

**EXCLUSIVE** Anthony Bourdain shows his softer side as he plays with his daughter Ariane in the pool while on holiday in Miami

6) He still loves fast food joints

Although having made probably some of the best food in world, Bourdain still has a soft fast food restaurants. While he is not critiquing five-star meals, Bourdain likes to sneak in some Popeye’s, KFC, and some classic mac and cheese.