Whether you’re looking to make a breakthrough at the gym or with the ladies at the bar there is one common denominator that will help you out: testosterone. Although we make this essential hormone ourselves, it never hurts to give yourself that extra kick to improve your lifestyle. Here are some simple steps to follow to do just that.

Get Enough Sleep. Sleep is incredibly important when talking about testosterone levels. Levels have been said to nose-dive up to 40% directly due to poor sleep quality, so definitely make sleep a priority. You may have to rearrange your lifestyle accordingly, but absolutely make time for 7-8 hours good sleep a night. The cost of missing your favourite late-night television show will be well worth it to see a boost in your testosterone levels.

Lose The Gut. If your belts getting tremendously tight, your physical stature is most likely negatively affecting your testosterone levels. Numerous studies have shown that obesity is directly correlated to having low testosterone. However, there is no need to panic as shedding this extra cushioning will cause your testosterone to rise back up. Your main change in lifestyle should be to change your diet and exercise routines accordingly. Eliminating processed sugar completely, and embarking on a fat-burning workout routine are good places to start.

Make Workouts Quick and Intense. Contrary to popular belief spending hours upon hours in the gym is not necessarily a good course of action. When you go to the gym make it business time, not social time. Research shows that after approximately an hour of working out your bodies cortisol levels will spike, resulting in a decrease in testosterone. Keep workouts short and sweet with rest periods no longer than one minute between sets. Make sure to do low repetition sets with heavy weight working the desired muscle group until failure. Doing so will cause more testosterone to be released.

Bring On The Fat. While cutting fatty foods out of your diet may be beneficial to cutting weight, it is still important to embrace the benefits of certain fats in moderation. Monounsaturated fats have been proven to jack up your testosterone levels and also protect your heart. Make sure to fill up on foods such as fish, nuts, and eggs. Don’t cut fats in order to lose your gut, cut down on carbohydrates.

Reduce StressBeing under constant stress is sure to drive you insane mentally, but it also has negative effects on your testosterone levels. The more stress you’re under, the more cortisol hormone your body will make. When your body is making more cortisol, it is less able to create testosterone. So make sure to kick back and relax after a hard day at work, and do something that you enjoy and puts you at ease for at least an hour or two a day.

Take a Pass On Testosterone Boosting Supplements. You are more likely than not bound to encounter ads for these supplements online, but make sure to not fall victim. Your best course of action is to rather consume testosterone boosting ingredients in your diet, such as: zinc, vitamin D, magnesium, branch chain amino acids, and essential fatty acids. If you insist on supplementation try ZMA, a zinc and magnesium collaboration that will increase the deepness of your REM sleep cycles therefore increasing testosterone levels. Another option is to take a multivitamin, essential fatty acids, and branch chain amino acids in supplementation form.