Have you ever noticed how some people can totally rock a pair of glasses while other look a bit silly in them? Chances are a lot of that has to do with the shape and size of their glasses in relation to their face.

Here are some quick guidelines on picking the right pair of glasses for your face shape.Print

The square face

A square face is defined by a strong jaw line and a prominent forehead. The length and width of this face shape are usually about equal and the chin is angular and prominent. In other words, if your face shape reminds you of Mario Lopez or Orlando Bloom, this section is for you.

Usually, this face shape looks best wearing glasses with soft, round lines. Circular or rounded frames offer a nice contrast to the shape of the face itself. These Armani frames would be a good choice for those with square faces. Warby Parker offers many different styles, usually at a cheaper price.

The oval face

This is the face shape that most people have and is easiest to find frames for. Oval faces are characterized by a chin that is slightly narrower than the forehead and balanced proportions overall. High cheekbones are a common feature of people with oval faces.

Oval faces are the most versatile and work with just about any frame. The most important thing here is to find a pair of glasses you feel comfortable in. Often people with this face shape are drawn to square-ish, but rounded frames such as Ray Ban Wayfarers or Clubmasters.

The round face

Like a square face, the round face is characterized by equal length and width, just without the angles. People with round faces often have fuller cheeks and delicate features.

Angular or rectangular frames help to add length to round faces. Frame with high temples will further the slimming effect. Warby Parker Roosevelts are an ideal shape for those with a round face.

The heart-shaped face

Do you have a wide forehead, narrow chin, narrow jaw, and high cheekbones? Then you probably have a heart-shaped face. (Be proud, it’s at least one thing you have in common with Johnny Depp).

This is a tricky one to frame. Rounder glasses tend to help balance out the wider forehead and bring a more oval look to the entire face. These Ray Bans or similar frames would be a good place to start if this is your face shape.


Style notes

To pull off glasses (especially thick-framed ones), there are few things you’ll want to keep in mind.

The total width of the frames shouldn’t be wider than your face and you should be looking right through the centre of each lens when you wear your glasses. Stay away from wire-frame glasses or, god forbid, frameless ones. These will make you look like your family doctor or a failed accountant.

Follow these tips and not only will your glasses serve your eyesight properly, they will improve your overall look.