I’ve been looking forward to interviewing our favorite UFC fighter for quite some time now. I first expressed my interest during a dinner last year with Cain, his lovely wife Michelle and a mutual friend named Victor Cornejo in San Jose. Over dinner, I explained that I wanted to get to know Cain the man and not just the fighter we see dismantling one opponent after another. Cain agreed, but his hectic training camp schedule didn’t allow the time necessary for the type of interview I wanted.

Months later, Velasquez was defeated by Werdum at UFC 188 and once again our pending interview would have to wait.Two weeks ago, as Cain prepared for his rematch, I received a call that he was ready. We quickly mobilized our crew and within days we were seated across from one another in his living room. We discussed his training camp, his loyal fan-base, “the most important fight of his career”, his family life and ominously enough, his persistent injuries.

By now you’re aware of the fact that Velasquez has dropped out of UFC 196 due to a back injury. When and even if he returns remains a mystery. What I do know is that Cain Velasquez is a warrior in the pure sense of the word. If anyone can come back after numerous setbacks, it’s Cain Velasquez. So whatever you do, don’t count him out.

Here’s a link to Part 1 of my Man to Man with Cain Velasquez in case you missed it.