Sure, you say you love TV, but if you really loved it, you wouldn’t strain your eyes trying to watch Braveheart that dinky 32 inch flat screen. Do your Blu Ray collection justice and start watching movies the way God intended – on a big ass home projector screen.

Sure, it may not have the same “stunning, 4K resolution” as a $8,000 Samsung TV, but considering that nothing is broadcast in 4K yet, and the fact that the human eye can only process a certain amount of pixels per inch before it all just registers as the same thing, maybe it is time you went bigger. And I mean way bigger.

And for a modest investment (both monetary and time-wise) you could turn your living room into a full on movie theatre.

Get a Projector

home theatre projector

Cheaper than most TVs, a projector is a great way to experience the thrill and grandeur of seeing a movie in the theatres in the comfort of your own home. The only trick is that it requires a bit more installation than a regular flat screen. Rather than just mounting a single bracket to the wall, the projector screen is going to be hung from the ceiling, as is the projector itself. True, you could set it on a shelf, but ideally, the projector is positioned somewhere that people walking through the room won’t block the light being projected. Hence mounting it to the ceiling. But this minor home project will result in a game changing TV watching experience for years to come.

And it doesn’t require as much space as you would think. The average sized living room can handle a projector screen as large as 6 feet wide and 4.5 feet tall. Now imagine watching football on Sunday where the players are human sized, or playing GTA V on a movie screen. How have you ever lived without one?

Get Surround Sound

Sure, you could just hook up some baby speakers or – heaven forbid – use the built in speakers on the projector. But that kind of undercuts the magnitude of watching Die Hard on a 6 foot tall screen, doesn’t it? And it is not like the surround sound of 15 years ago when you needed to place big, easily tip-over-able columns around your house. Now, you can buy an inexpensive set of quality speakers that not only pump out an impressive amount of sound, but the speakers themselves are small enough where they can be easily hidden away.

Get a Console

console remote

A projector and speakers are great for screening movies, but they cannot play movies themselves. This is where the console comes in. You can hook up your Xbox One, PS4, or Roku box to the projector to start streaming Netflix or Hulu in your living room 6 feet tall. Pretty sweet. Or, if you are more of the minimalist type, you could get the Google Chromecast stick and just plug that into the projector. A nice way to get all your streaming services directly onto the projector. That said, with the Chromecast, you won’t be able to play actual DVDs or Blu Ray discs. Just streaming services.

Get a Chair

The most important part of any good home theatre – the seating. Now, you can just stick with the couch/coffee table combo you have now, and if you are emotionally attached to the couch, I get it. I have a nice, cheap, brown Ikea couch that has molded perfectly to my shape. However, if you plan on using this home theatre to entertain, it could be wise to invest in some legit seating options that don’t involve dragging every kitchen, dining room, and computer chair from around the house into the living room. Just saying.