Comedian Jerry Lewis has been getting a fair amount of crap lately for a recent interview he gave to the Hollywood Reporter. The 90 year old comedian was so brutal to Andy Lewis (no relation to Jerry), the journalist conducting the interview, that the Hollywood Reporter headlined it the “most painfully awkward interview of 2016.”

According to Andy Lewis, the 90-year-old was in rare form; complaining about the amount of equipment and number of assistants in his home and was unhappy about the way the shots were set up. Once the interview began, Jerry Lewis fired off one-word answers and appeared to grow increasingly agitated.

I get it. Jerry Lewis is a cranky old guy who’s grown tired of the same bullshit interviews. As a matter of fact, I suspect most celebrities would rather have a colonoscopy than sit through another Q&A session. But such is the price of fame. It simply goes with the territory.

In stark contrast to the the Hollywood Reporter piece, we offer up our “Most Painfully Awkward Interview of the Year” candidate. The TMG interview below, features Daddy’s Home co-star Linda Cardellini. Before I go any further, you should note that we take full responsibility for our guy’s screw-up. Our dude is a wildly knowlegeable film buff, who had never actually interviewed a celebrity before. As happens to a great number of us, when he came face to face with a bonafide star, the poor guy clammed up and couldn’t get his words out. That’s totally on us. We should have never sent him out there. The way Linda Cardellini reacted to a painfully awkward situation however, is a lesson for all of us.