If you thought those corkscrew energy saver bulbs were the paragon of lightbulb technology, get ready to be knocked on your ass, because the new Sengled Pulse bulbs also double as Bluetooth speakers.

That’s right – imagine everyplace you screwed in a lightbulb automatically became a part of a larger surround sound system? Want to hear that new Frank Ocean album while you’re dicing carrots? Screw one into the ceiling fan in the kitchen. Trying to unwind with some Beethoven in the bathtub? Throw one in the vanity above the bathroom mirror.

Anywhere you can pop in a lightbulb is now a full functioning speaker.

Not only that, but the speakers can be controlled independently of one another. How? Well, there’s an app for that.

You just download the free Sengled Pulse app and now you can crank the bass in the livingroom, mute the speakers in the kitchen, and dim the lights in the bathroom all from your phone.

Oh yeah, that’s right – the app controls the lights as well.

Now, clearly, the positioning of these lightbulbs will matter a little bit more now – especially if you are trying to set them up for surround sound. In the presets on the app, each lightbulb is set to act as both a L and R speaker, pumping out the full audio of every track. And, in most cases this is probably the best setting for you since it doesn’t matter where the bulbs are. However, if you are looking for that dope THX surround sound experience and you are cool with moving some furniture around, you can totally kit your room out with a bunch of optimally placed lightbulbs, switch their settings to L or R (respectively) and sit back as the sound envelopes you.

That said, if you are truly invested in setting up a state of the art surround sound experience, lightbulbs may not be the best route to achieve that. But hey, that is up to you.

Starter kits for the Sengled Pulse start out at $149 dollars and come with one main and one satellite bulb. Additional satellite bulbs can be purchased for $70 a pop, so while they are a dope idea, setting up the sound system you want with lightbulbs can still be a bit cost prohibitive.

That said, it would be pretty dope to bring a girl back to your place, pull out your phone, set the lights to dim and throw on some R Kelly all with a few swipes on your phone. Now if we can just invent a coffee table that can make a decent martini, we’ll be all set.