You need a plan to be successful. Picture your goals as a sort of destination at the end of a long road trip–could you make it there without a map (or Google Maps)? I’m guessing you’d get lost without planning the trip. Well, the same applies to accomplishing you goals and all success stories begin with a goal.

However, having goals and even writing them down in the form of a to-do list will amount to nothing if you don’t have a clear vision of what you want.

You gotta see it first


Post-it notes aside, in order to believe in your ability to accomplish a certain goal, you need to have a clear vision of what that goal looks like–you need to visualize them. Great athletes like Mohammad Ali and Michael Jordan always swore by the technique, saying that seeing themselves winning the match or the fight before it even happened always helped them succeed.

Visualization is the great super power that top athletes and millionaires use to achieve their dreams and it can be applied to every aspect of your life. But it’s also a power that most of us ignore.

‘’I visualized where I wanted to be, what kind of player I wanted to become. I knew exactly where I wanted to go, and I focused on getting there.” – Michael Jordan

Visualization works in 3 very important ways

1) It teaches your brain to recognize, even at a subconscious level, the things around you that will help you towards your goals. From people to network with to things to learn, visualization will turn you into a radar for resources, able to identify the aspects in your life that will take you closer to your goal.

2) It will make you more motivated and hard-working so you never rest until you’ve taken solid steps in the right direction.

3) It will also make you more creative. Once the goal is clear, your imagination’s natural reaction will be to find ways to make it happen once you’ve absorbed what your goal looks like.

How to visualize 


Most people (and I’m also guilty of this from time to time) are able to picture their dreams and goals but their vision is immediately clouded by pessimistic what-ifs: What if it’s too hard? What if it doesn’t pay off? What if my loved-ones don’t approve? Such visions of doom can paralyze us and keep us from moving forward or giving our dreams a fair shot, eventually making us attracted to mediocrity

But this won’t be you. Instead of making a mental list of all the ways things can’t work out, picture yourself as the best. Picture yourself landing the deal, dating the girl of your dreams, getting the job. Do what Jordan and Ali did and picture yourself as the winner before you do anything else.

Make the vision as detailed as possible. The more details the better because you’ll actually feel what it means to be successful. Say your current goal is to save enough to buy a great house, well, you should picture every little detail of that house. The fences and the furniture, and maybe the girl you’ve invited over for dinner. The more specific the more real and achievable your dreams will feel.


You don’t need to become a daydreamer or spend hours envisioning your goals, just make sure that every morning or before you go to bed you have a clear vision of your success, see yourself finishing assignments, completing tasks, landing deals. We promise you’ll start to get closer and closer to your dreams and goals.