It’s been a long week. Perhaps your subordinates have been neglectful, your boss has been tough, or your business partner has been traveling more than usual so back at headquarters you’ve been dealign with everything heading the company’s way. But it’s finally Friday and you’ve made it–barely. It’s already 6.45 p.m. and you’re ready for drinks, ready for a well-deserved and long-overdue night out but you can’t make it back home to change.

Transitioning from the office to a night out is easy but you can’t just wear whatever you wore to the office minus the tie. Here are some ideas that keep it classy but add the touch of cheekiness that Friday night demands.

Make a Habit of Wearing Slim Suits


Before we go any further, you need to remember that the slimmer your suit, the easier it will be to play around with it. A slim suit jacket, for example, can easily become a blazer by ditching the suit pants.

Ditch the tie AND the shirt

You can’t just take your tie off and expect everyone to believe you didn’t come straight from the office. I’ve seen these guys with their ties stuffed in their pockets, they don’t look good and they smell of spreadsheets and sh*tty office coffee. The only way to look stylish after 8+ straight hours of meetings, calls, and reports is to substitute your dress shirt and your tie with a polo or a t-shirt. A solid-colored V-neck (stay with white or grey) will work wonders under your slim suit jacket.

Add a pocket square


After you leave your work button-down and tie at the office, add a colorful pocket square to your suit jacket. This can also be pulled-off with a white button down but you’ll want to show a bit of neck (forget about the top 2 buttons).

Forget about socks and wear loafers

Many formal loafers can be worn to the office so once you’re done work you can get rid of your socks. However, this will only work in you are already wearing a slim suit. No one wants to see no socks on a man wearing pants straight out a gangster film.


Keep a Travel Kit in your Office

Clinique Expert Shave set

I love working, don’t get me wrong. It gives me purpose and I’d rather be busy than idle, but working, with its tendency of keeping me 8 hours on my seat, can be very similar to a transatlantic flight. That’s why in one of me desk drawers I keep an exact replica of my travel kit. In it I keep chapstick, perfume, facial cleansing wipes, a toothbrush and a bit of moisturizing lotion. It’s Friday and before I arrive at my destination–in this case my destination being the tapas bar where my buddy has already ordered me a Scotch–I like to go the office bathroom and refresh a bit using everything in my travel kit.

That wasn’t too bad was it? Now go have fun, you’ve earned it.