Beards make you more attractive.

They also say to the world that you’re not afraid of getting dirty and that, all your business suits aside, you’re an adventurous man. Besides, your beard is almost like a loyal companion. You wear it all the time and it is the first thing people see when they meet you. It is essentially what makes you a man–I mean, besides how you treat people, and they way you carry yourself in the world–so maybe it’s about time you started treating your beard right.

Here are five tips on how to properly take care of your beard.

1) You need to commit

Growing a nice beard takes time so do not give up early. It may be itchy and look funny at the beginning, but eventually it will smoothen out and feel great. The trick is to let your entire beard grow to about 1 inch long and then bring the trimmers out. This will give you a nice equal cut without patches.

2) Treat it no different from your hair

That’s right, your beard needs some loving too in the shower. Using shampoo and conditioner once or twice a week can do wonders for your beard and your skin below it. Shampoo keeps the hairs in your beard flexible while the conditioner prevents it all from becoming too curly. Bars of soap just dry out both your beard and skin.

3) Keep it trimmed

Even if you want to grow it long, trimming it occasionally is always a good idea. Similar to the hair on your head, your beard has spilt-ends that need to be snipped. This helps your beard grow faster. Plus, it is best to use the the old-fashioned scissors and a comb, rather than an electric shaver, as the latter sometimes causes unwanted cuts that can ruin your beard.

However, if your schedule is packed, using a trimmer is faster. We recommend you use the Oster Vorteq or the Wahl Beard and Stubble Trimmer.

4)  Oil it up

Simply add a few drops of beard oil and swirl it into the rest of your whiskers. This will help your beard continue to grow strong while giving it a bold look.  It also helps fight dandruff. No dude wants white flakes in his scruff. Use the Burroughs beard oil or the Woodman beard oil to pamper your beard.

5) Add that wax


By wax, we mean style it, not tear it all out! Using wax is key for those with long beards who don’t like to eat their whiskers all day long. By simply adding some wax, your beard becomes much stronger and you are able to style in any shape or form you desire. How creative can you get?

In all seriousness, beards have been in for a while now and they’re not going away any time soon. Now that you know how to take care of your beard, don’t forget about taking care of the rest of your face.