Whether you’re representing your brand, your business, or just yourself, how you behave on Instagram directly affects how your audience perceives you. If done right, you will gain followers and credibility but if done wrong, any social media faux-pas will lead customers and audiences to leave your page and never look back.

We focus on Instagram because the photo-sharing app is undergoing unbelievable growth. As 2014 came to and end, the social network had reached 300 million users, overtaking Twitter’s total number of active users.

Do’s and Don’ts of Posting, Liking & Commenting 

  • DO | Use your brand’s authentic voice in text: Brands aren’t motionless machines and more and more people are expecting personality in the form of wit, charm, and a bit humour from companies and businesses.
  • DON’T | Post too often: Posting more than 2-3 times a day can be overwhelming for followers and will think of you as spam. Who do you like better, the guy who won’t shut up at the dinner party or the man who attentively listens?
  • DO | Use a couple of hashtags: I know that hashtags can seem a bit childish at times, a sort of degradation of people’s rhetorical abilities but you need to keep in mind that to succeed online you need to be easily tracked. Hashtags are an easy way to participate in on-going social conversations and reach the people that are looking for what you have to offer.
  • DON’T | Mislead people with your tags and hashtags: If you bring people to your page with the expectations of finding something and you can’t deliver on that promise, your credibility plummets. Accuracy is the unbreakable rule.
  • DO | Interact with your followers and post ‘behind the cameras’ pictures: like their pictures, make appropriate and witty comments on their posts and give credit where credit is due. If someone mentions or tags you, respond to the (appropriate) posts. Whenever you post a picture, try to make it personal, making your audience feel they have a backstage pass into your life or company.

From Burberry’s Instagram account: Romeo Beckham on set at a campaign shoot with #Burberry Chief Creative Officer Christopher Bailey

How to make the most of out of your bio section 

  • In a couple of sentences, explain your mission. Don’t be afraid to be witty or funny but remember that your number one priority is to inform.
  • Convert your bio into a tracking link. As stated by Socially Stacked, tools like “Bitly, Improvely or Google’s URL builder” let you create a link that tracks clicks and/or conversions from your Instagram profile.
  • Always include your contact information 

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