So, the relationship has ended. How long did it last? 4 months? A year? 3 years? Whatever the case it’s over and you need to move on.

Now, as a guy you probably have a lot of friends. And, let’s be honest, you probably have some stupid friends as well; while they might be fun to be around when the Patriots lose, they are not be taken seriously in important, life-altering moments like dealing with a breakup.

That’s what TMG is here for, to comfort you and guide you so you can get over your ex soon, efficiently, and healthily; here’s how:

Don’t go out drinking (well, maybe once)


It’s a moronic cliché that should go out and “drown your sorrows” to get over this girl. When a relationship is over you need to strive to be the best man you can be and binge drinking is not the answer. However, grabbing a couple of beers is a good way to reconnect with friends and see that you can have fun without whatever-her-name-was.

Work Out


Studies have found that exercise is good for your body as well as your mind—you can literally sweat out stress. Besides, we know that you can get a bit too comfortable in a relationship and skip a couple of sessions so now it’s time to get back to top fitness. Besides, you’ll want to look good when the next hotter-than-your-ex girl decides to spend the night. Hit the gym.

Get that promotion at work


Now that you no longer have any time-consuming distractions like visiting in-laws (which you hated anyway), it’s time to impress your boss and get that promotion you’ve been waiting for. With zero distractions you can make more time to improve your career. Go out and meet potential business partners and expand your business. Whatever you do for a living, you can be better at it, so be better at it.

Don’t try to contact her


If you have her on Facebook, mute her or unsubscribe to her posts (don’t delete her, what are you, five years old?). Older generations had the advantage that, after a break up, they could easily forget about a lover by not writing her a letter or whatever. Now, you can literally track what she does every day. Don’t. Delete her phone number. If she sends you and email, respond politely that you both need space.

Meet other women (but stay single)


This is the one you’ve been waiting for. Maybe it’ll feel off the first couple of times but soon you’ll realize the plethora of hot women out there that have just been waiting for you call. Go out and have your fun, but remember to stay single for a while. Don’t make any commitments that will get in the way of your new you: the shredded bachelor who’s killing it at work and with the ladies.