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I’m going to get right to the point – If you’re playing Pokemon Go in public regardless of your age without a care in the world, you’re being a real man.

Let me explain – I grew up on games and music. As a kid with some health issues it got hard to go outside and connect through sports and trips to parks. They were limited at best. What Pokemon did was provide an outlet for kids to make new friends. This was tremendously important if you were stuck indoors or had a limited social circle. Hell, if you were introverted this was God’s gift to you. Now you had something in common. Even better, you had something in common you could help others with – games.

So this Nintendo Gameboy game which was re-released nearly a hundred times globally became this social glue that decades of years of friendships were built upon. A Pikachu became the beginning of asking someone to a best man (true story). Trading Pokemon at the mall were the building blocks of memories that led you into College years and High School reunions. And now this is all back on Pokemon Go. The barrier to entry is low – anyone with a smart phone can get involved. This means all ages – all around the world. Everyone can jump right in and start playing (and they have – at the time I’m writing this Pokemon Go announced it has more active users than Twitter on Android). The new generation can now connect with the old through Pokemon. The world can share a laugh over their love of the game and everyone gains some fun out of it. That is – if we encourage it. See, here’s where the manliness part comes into play. If you like Pokemon, I implore you, play out in the open.

pokemon go


Here’s why – We need to help people realize they deserve to have fun and be themselves (and we do too). No kid/adult should feel embarrassed at playing with their phone and trying to catch a Magikarp outside the train station. They shouldn’t have to worry about being bullied on their way to school and no girl should ever be told that Pokemon is something boys do. That is infuriating. We’re the older generation. So lets show them. Lets let them see 28 year olds catching Squirtles and high fiving each other for it. Lets encourage them to catch them all and have fun with their friends. They deserve everything Pokemon Go is going to get them – fun, friends, and a new network of possibilities.

It did it for me and probably you too.

So lets make sure they don’t miss out.