“Compact never felt so big” — that’s how Honda are pitching the HR-V crossover, a new entry to the growing ‘small SUV’ market.

The new ride is expected to be hitting showrooms across the U.S. today, and it’s available in a range of options and colors, with a starting price of $19,995.

The Honda HR-V joins similar fresh entries from the likes of Mazda, Chevy and Jeep, meaning your choice for a compact SUV has never been greater.

Honda HR-V

Those accustomed to Honda’s current line-up will find the forthcoming HR-V comfortably familiar, with the car sporting similar styling and finishes to other cars in the Honda range.

Just like the Civic, this car uses a 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine. In the HR-V it produces a 138 horsepower and 127 pound feet of torque.

The little SUV sits well between Honda’s current Fit and the companies bigger CR-V, being a little taller than the hatchback and a little shorter the CR-V.

Honda HR-V

But all this talk of ‘compact’ shouldn’t come as a reason for concern, as thanks to clever folding seats the HR-V interior can accommodate items of cargo either four feet tall or eight feet long, making for a surprisingly roomy ride, with generous head space, all within a seemingly compact package.

On board technology includes electric parking breaks, bluetooth audio, multi-angle rear view cameras, lane-switching cameras, a 7-inch touchscreen display and optional keyless entry, all-wheel drive options and heated seats.

Honda HR-V



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