The New Honda Civic Type R just made its first appearance at auto shows late last month, and it has been making a bit of a splash. Lets find out why.

When you think Honda, what comes to mind? Probably your mom’s old Accord that she taught you to drive in. Or your Uncle’s CR-V that you would take to Costco on the weekends because of the trunk space. That’s because, for the past 40 years, Honda has been the benchmark for reliable and affordable automobiles.

Just look at the Honda Civic – there is a reason this car is seen so frequently zipping down highways and avenues across the globe. It is a solid sedan that gets great milage, consistently receives high safety ratings, and is priced so that almost anyone can comfortably get behind the wheel of one. So what if the Honda Civic Type R is not the most exciting car on Eart-


Holy shit, is that the new Honda Civic Type R?


Seriously? I thought Civics were supposed to be this bland kind of everyday sedan? You know, fine, but nothing special.


This is the new Honda Civic Type R. And this car means business.


Boasting an upgraded variation on the Honda 2.0L turbocharged VTEC engine, this car is estimated to clock in at 300+ horsepower. For a car this size, that kind of power ensures that this sleek little machine will kick up some dust in the faces of its detractors.

Moreover, from the look of it, this car is damn near carbon fiber everything, meaning it is light as hell. Which probably explains that massive spoiler on the back. Any lighter and faster and this car might just take off.

And, if we can talk about the aesthetics for a second, not only does this car have the specs to go fast, but even when it is sitting in the driveway, it looks like it’s doing 150 mph. The red highlights, the sleek lines, the sharp angles – if this car whirred around and turned into a Transformer, I don’t think anyone would be surprised. This car roars bad assery.

Sources say the car will be screaming onto the American market in the back half of 2017, so keep your eyes peeled because they are moving fast.