Studio Neat recently released Highball, a free, new iPhone app that lets you collect and share cocktail recipes.

This is how it works according to Studio Neat’s website: “choose the ingredients, add a description, and create a custom drink image, then share as a beautiful recipe card.”

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The people over at Studio Neat realized that there was a problem with cocktail recipes. Everyone loves a good cocktail, however no one really remembers every detail of a cocktail recipe. You don’t want to carry around a recipe book and oftentimes online recipes are mistaken.

“It would be useful indeed to have all of our recipes in one centralized place,” says Dan Provost of Studio Neat.

The app provides an easy way to share cocktail recipes with family and friends.

“When you stumble upon something tasty, the inclination is to share it. There were many paths we could have gone down in regards to sharing, but we took the simple one, with a twist,” says Provost. “When you share a recipe, the app generates an image of a ‘recipe card’, which is super easy to share on Twitter or iMessage or email or whatever. The image is 16×9, orientated in portrait, so it is designed to look great on mobile.”

You can download the app here and check out how it works below. In the mean time try the best whiskey cocktails for spring here.