You may think shaving with a straight razor is old school but it gets the job done. Stop shaving with overpriced razors with five blades, with an aloe strip and a swivel handle. You don’t need all that.


First of all, a straight razor is cheaper. You may not believe this, but a man can spend thousands of dollars on disposable razors. Just think, you use a 5 pack of razors a month, two months if you’re lucky. Then you throw them out and have to go through that again, over and over. It adds up – fast. Shaving with a straight razor is a lot lighter on your pocket book.

Straight razors are also better for your skin. You know those ingrown hairs, and that razor burn you always get? Yeah, that’s from the multitude of razors you push on your skin every day. When you use a disposable razor, you are running 3-5 razors over your skin at all times – that would irritate anyone’s skin. A straight razor will prevent that, and over time your skin will feel better.

And besides feeling better, It’s badass. You hold a razor to your neck and face and tell death to go F@%& itself. It is empowering and cool. Plus, it will make you feel like you’re in an old school movie where men kicked real ass.

If you have a longer beard, a straight razor makes your job easier, too. Sometimes you like to grow your beard out – then you want to shave it off. With a disposable razor, that can take a long time. You have to clean the blades after every shave and it can be painful and irritating. This is because with multiple razors the hairs get stuck and make it hard to get a clean shave with longer hair. A straight razor does not have that problem. Because a straight razor is not contained it can run along longer hair and remove it without causing as much irritation. You could grow your hair out whenever you want without worrying about having to cut it later

And finally, It’s eco-friendly. Going green has become a large force in our lives. And who wouldn’t want to save the world while looking like Sean Connery? Think about how many disposable razors you throw away every year. The plastic handle, the razor blades, the packaging – you could save all of that by using a straight razor. You can save the planet, and look great. Who could ask for more than that?