Some people love going to the gym for hours every day to lift weights and do cardio. Some people love feeling the deep burn after a long workout session. I, however, do not. And if you are reading this article, you are probably like me and hate working out. Exercise makes you sweat, it hurts, and frankly it is all around less fun than playing video games or watching a movie.

That said, without any exercise, you will turn into a pudgy, weak, bowl of porridge. It’s just what happens. So now you have to weigh your options – do you want to take an hour every day to do this thing that you don’t like doing, or do you want to slowly transform into the version of yourself that gets winded going up a flight of stairs?

The smart choice is to just nut up and do the exercise, despite the fact that you hate working out. And now that that’s covered, we can move on to making this necessary, albeit crappy, part of your day less of a drag.

Remember, this is not a workout designed to get you ripped fast or jacked like a UFC fighter. It is a workout designed to get you working out. That’s it.

So here is how it’s done, lazybones.

Workout When You Wake Up

hate working out

I know, it sounds counter intuitive, but if you wake up an hour earlier every morning to exercise, it actually makes the process a little less painful. And I know what you are thinking – “I need my sleep. Don’t mess with my sleep.” But after a few days of waking up at 6 instead of 7, it just becomes the new rhythm.

And what’s better, since you are half awake anyway, you can kind of just breeze through that boring ass cardio. Go for a run. Get yourself a stationary bike or collapsible rowing machine. Anything to get your body moving in the early hours.

Not only will this take some of the sting out of your daily workout, but it will also give you a little extra pep in the morning. Exercise is a great way to shake off the fairy dust and prepare yourself to attack a new day.

Find Something You Like Doing

hate working out

A lot of people hate running. A lot of people hate lifting weights. A lot of people hate doing pretty much everything they think of as exercise. So they don’t exercise. But what they fail to recognize is that exercise can be fun. And I’m not just being glib.

Remember when you were a kid, just running around playing pickup games of basketball, riding your bike, or whatever it was that you loved to do? As adults we sort of lose that ability to just play, but if you can think back to that one thing that you really loved, you might have just found your new favorite exercise.

Join a basketball league, sign up for a membership at a place with racquetball courts, go for a swim – whatever it is that gets your heart rate up in a way that you find fun.  Before long, you’ll forget that you are even working out.

Find a Friend To Workout With

hate working out

It can be hard to keep yourself honest, so if you find a friend who is similarly opposed to exercise, you can buddy up and tackle your expanding midsections together. Come up with a plan that works for both of your schedules and stick to it. If one of you can’t make it, the other one needs to make sure that it is for a legitimate reason. No bailing on exercise because you are tired.

Or, if you have a friend that is a real workout nut, you can always ask them to take you along for the ride. Just be warned – there is a good chance that they are going to try REALLY hard to get you to love working out as much as they do. And they might get mad when you don’t. And they are stronger than you. So, just, keep that in mind.