It’s hard to be productive. Whether it is due to smartphones and tablets–with the internet everywhere we go–or  due to having too many meetings, certain habits eat away at our productivity.

A lot of our technological tools, from texting to email–and Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, the list goes on and on–can not only distract us but also makes us feel ‘busy’ even though we’re not getting much accomplished.

Below are 5 habits that are killing your productivity (and what to do about them).

Incessant Internet Browsing

habits that are killing your productivity

Stop browsing the internet when you should be working. Don’t click that link, don’t open that site. A never-ending trail of web browsing will kill your work ethic and productivity. Save the browsing for lunch hours or home. Besides, as Nicholas Carr points out in his bestselling book The Shallowsthat constant clicking driven by the frantic superficiality of the internet can rewire our brains, making it harder and harder, in a physiological way, to concentrate.

Constant emailing

habits that are killing your productivity

You’re a busy and successful man (or on your way to be) so your inbox is probably always active. However, not every e-mail is urgent or vitally important and most can likely wait 20 minutes while you finish a meeting or during your lunch. Set aside time to answer e-mails, and try to avoid letting them interrupt your work life throughout the day.

Using your Smart Phone

habits that are killing your productivity

It is always on you and it is likely always buzzing. E-mails, calls, texts, you name it.  It always rings. If you are in a meeting or trying to meet a deadline – turn it off. I know it seems terrifying, but the odds are that everything will be okay if you don’t answer your phone for an hour. If you are worried about an emergency, turn off notifications for specific things, but leave calls on.

Hitting the Snooze Button

habits that are killing your productivity

We’ve all done it, but do you really want to start your day off already procrastinating? Waking up at a time of your planning will allow you to shower, eat, and everything else in between before you head off to work. A good start to the day helps with your productivity all day. I know it’s hard but jump out of bed, take a sobering cold shower and head to work.

Saying Yes to Every Meeting, Every Lunch

habits that are killing your productivity

No one wants to say no to an opportunity, but that doesn’t mean you need to say yes to everything. You don’t need to go to every banquet and every coffee luncheon. Pick the ones that scream out to you, the ones that truly represent opportunities to advance you career or that have substantial social significance for you, and skip the ones that don’t. You aren’t superman, you can’t do everything. We’re all for face to face interactions but sometimes a phone call is enough.