Drones are changing the world, for better or worse. Now, GoPro is looking to cash in on the trend with their new camera-copter, Karma.

We have all heard about how Amazon is hoping to start using drones to deliver packages right to our doorsteps. Hell, even Chipotle is exploring the possibilities of aerial-assisted burrito delivery. But the ability to deliver detergent and tacos with an unmanned craft is just one of the possible applications for this kind of technology.

And it makes sense that GoPro would be the brand to pioneer the rugged, all-weather, sports drone. Now, this is not to say that GoPro invented the flying camera. Those have existed for a while. What GoPro has done is made a drone camera that is not only capable of capturing ultra high def footage, but is also more versatile and practical than any other drone camera on the market.

  1. Detachable Camera

Most drone cameras are just that – a drone with a camera built in. So, unless you want to walk around holding a drone like a camcorder, the only way you can use the camera is by flying it. Not so with the GoPro Karma. The camera is not only totally detachable and capable of being used on its own, but the drone itself is also compatible with a number of GoPro’s other models. So, say you were being a little cavalier with the camera and it broke, no problem. You can simply replace the camera rather than have to shell out a thousand dollars for a new drone.

  1. Easy to pilot

Every drone relies on the dual joystick method of flying, including the GoPro Karma. That said, some of them are a little more challenging to pilot than others. The Karma prides itself on being a drone that can be flown with ease by entry level drone pilots, and also enjoyed by those more experienced.

  1. Independent Camera

Not only is the camera detachable, but it can be pivoted independently of the drone itself. What’s more, if access is allowed, a person in another location could pull up your drone’s activity on their phone and pivot the camera themselves. This feature is especially handy for parents with kids that invariably want to “help fly” the $800 machine. Now you can just give them the phone, let them mess around with the camera angles, and never run the risk of them crashing your new toy into the side of the garage. 

  1. Compact Storage
gopro karma drone

Source: www.gopro.com

If you are going to design a camera for an active lifestyle, you better make sure that it travels well. This is something that GoPro has done well from the very start, and their drone is no different. With their handy, easily luggable backpack carrying case, anywhere you go, your drone is sure to follow.

  1. The Karma Grip

As someone who likes the idea of being able to get grandiose aerial shots and landscape panoramas, a versatile drone camera is pretty neat. But what about when you need to film a birthday party or a barbeque Nobody wants to eat cake with a drone buzzing around their face. And, for most people, a GoPro is a little too tiny to comfortably use with just your hands. You’d probably spend most of your focus trying to keep your fingers from covering the lens. That is why GoPro came up with the Karma Grip – a neat handle with control buttons and a pivoting head, so you can be sure to get exactly the shot you want with the stability of a professional camera.