Depending on where you live, right now it is either hot or balls hot outside. And as such, our clothing should reflect that. Try going outside in that sweet tweed blazer right now and you’ll understand. Or melt. Whichever happens first.

So, we swap out our flannels for linens, our jeans for chinos, and wool for cotton. That is all pretty basic heat-beating stuff. But where else can we trim away unnecessary layers? What about our socks?

Sure going sockless can certainly help add some extra ventilation, but there are certain things to consider before sticking your bare feet into those loafers.

Your Feet Stink

I don’t care who you are, unless you have no sweat glands in your feet, your feet stink. Even worse now in the summertime. And without the absorbent layer a sock provides, all that smell is soaking right into those dope new loafers.

“But what if I use Gold Bond? Won’t that keep my feet dry?”

Close up Hand put powder to a shoe, odor stop

Oh sure – for a bit. But unless you are prepared to kick off your shoes every two hours to apply powder to your feet (which will get
everywhere, by the way), then you are just going to wind up with sweaty feet again.

Welcome to Blistertown! Population, You

Picture this – the back of your heel rocking up and down all day against the hard leather of your wingtips, pushing and pulling at the skin. Reacting to this wear and tear, your body decides to start forming a callous on the site of the agitation. But before you get those knobbly patches of rhino skin on the backs of your feet, first come the blisters. And those bubbly little bastards suck eggs.

Not only to socks help soak up all that rank sweat pouring off your feet, they also add an extra layer of buffer between your foot and the leather, suede, or cloth from which your shoes are made. That is why we aren’t all running around with pockets full of band-aids to put on our feet and I am just now realizing why my girlfriend always carried bandages in her purse.

bloody foot

See? Socks help.

But, if you need to go sock-less, here is how:

First, only wear low cut, breathable shoes that won’t trap all the smell. Sperry Topsider’s are a favorite for a lot of summertime anti-sockers. They have vents on the side to keep your feet cool, and they are easy to kick off if they suddenly become uncomfortable. They are pretty much as close to sandals as you can get without actually breaking out the birkenstocks and looking for the nearest drum circle.

Second, use Gold Bond. I know, I said before that it is messy and doesn’t work great, but since you are just hell bent on not wearing socks, this is a passable second line of defense against smell and wetness. Just get ready to do a lot of vacuuming after you get this fine white powder fucking everywhere.

Third, invest in those deodorizer balls. After a few days of kicking around without socks, no amount of breathability or powder is going to keep the odors at bay. So leave in a few of those anti-stink balls overnight to help combat the inevitable.

Fourth, only wear shoes you don’t really give a crap about. Don’t no-sock it in your $300 Cole Haan’s, cause you are just going to mess them up.

So remember, keep the shoes cheap, soft, and breathable, and be prepared to powder the hell out of your feet and put deodorant in your loafers.

Or, you know, you could just wear socks.