We are officially less than two weeks away from Christmas and chances are you have no idea what you’re getting for your girlfriend, fiancé, or wifey. Don’t panic, we’ve created The Ultimate Girlfriend Gift Guide.

It’s easy to get caught up in the pressure of getting a good gift for any occasion. Take a deep breathe and let’s get the creative juices flowing. Here are some tips on how to avoid the awkward moment she opens the gift and gives you a good ol’ “Ohhhhh….thaaaank you! What is it?” or “Really?”

Don’t wait till Christmas Eve

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Christmas sneaks up on all of us, but it’s important to not wait until Christmas Eve to start your brainstorming. Planning ahead can be hard, so try to provide yourself with lots of options ahead of time.

How? Keep a note open in your phone throughout the year. I do this for my boyfriend and even for other family members closer to holiday season. Anytime your girlfriend points something out or mentions how she really wishes she had X or Y, write it down! This way when it comes time to buy a gift, it’s more of a decision between which option you want to see through rather than trying to rack your brain for anything she’s ever mentioned when you were half-listening.

Avoid generic gifts

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Generic gifts are for generic relationships and we all know you and your girl have something special. An expensive necklace is usually expensive for a valid reason, but that doesn’t mean it has to be the go-to gift.

Just because it might not be a gift idea you see in the movies doesn’t mean she won’t appreciate it. Stop worrying about the price tag being high enough to impress her squad and focus on what really matters. Sometimes expensive gifts are nice because it’s something your partner would probably never splurge on for themselves so it’s a great gesture but it doesn’t mean you have to spend x amount to make it thoughtful.

The gifts that mean something special are the ones that will be remembered most.

Trust your gut

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It’s great to get advice from your partner’s friends and family, but trust your instincts. A lot of the time, people will offer you somewhat generic gifts and you can do better. For my birthday, my main gift from my boyfriend was a Titan singlet (aka a powerlifting suit/onesie). Would most girls be stoked about that? No. Was I? Hell yes. It was the exact one I wanted and it meant I didn’t have to deal with figuring out my size and the ordeals of ordering one that I’d been avoiding for months.

If he had asked the wrong people, they never would have suggested that. Even those close to me – or even my powerlifting teammates – would not have thought of it because they were never around when I looked at it online and never purchased. You’re the only two in your relationship, so no one else is going to be able to offer you an idea as personal as one you’ll come up with on your own. Trust your gut because you’re probably right.

Remember, the perfect gift could be a horrible gift in someone else’s hands.

Make it memorable

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There you have it.. The Ultimate Girlfriend Gift Guide. I realize it sounds cheesy to tell you to make it a memorable gift (not to mention overwhelming as well). People have a tendency to take this to mean they have to create grand gestures like buying someone a car so that they can still remember it years later.

Try focusing on experiences instead. Sometimes the idea can sound like a lot of money and energy but it doesn’t have to be. Sites like Groupon have made it easy to discover trips or activities you never would have imagined before. Treat the two of you to a spa day, take a trip to a nearby city or even get some concert tickets! If you’re working with a budget, remember you guys are a team and it doesn’t have to be an all-expensive paid trip for her. If her favourite artist is coming to a nearby city a few months from now, buy tickets! Once the event approaches, it’s okay to split costs on gas and hotels because you’re creating an experience together.