In just a few short months, the wait will finally be over and the new season of Game Of Thrones will be upon us. Unfortunately, the final two seasons will be shorter than it’s usual 10 episodes, with only 7 and 6 episodes per year. However, you can expect the show runners to cram as much plot without being tempted into going toward filler territory. It’s creators have a hard task ahead of them, topping the incredible season 6, which included one of the best reviewed episodes in television history. The new season 7 trailer gives us a preview of what looks to be an action packed season filled with more brutality than ever before. This trailer mainly concentrates on clips from the upcoming war in the North led by Jon Snow, Cersei preparing her troops for a battle, and of course, Daenerys with her dragons.

Tune in to HBO on July 16, 2017 for the beginning of the end.