This is dress season. It’s the season to flex your creative muscle when it comes to your look. Take some chances, explore a bit. Fall is about darker shades, heavier fabric, layers, layers and more layers. But as is the case with any season, there are most definitely some must haves for Fall 2015. And The Man Guide has three for you here:

-Custom Wool 3-piece with Patch Pockets-

Fall 2015

Depending where they are in the world, some gents stay away from 3-pieces during the Summer. Fall allows us to break out the vests to add some class and versatility to our wardrobe. Wool is a popular fabric during the cooler months and when it is the the fabric of choice for a custom 3-piece, it is a thing of beauty. And while “custom” has often meant “expensive”, there are some up-and-comers out there that can make you some of the best custom menswear in the world, at prices less than you may be paying off the rack.

Whoever makes you this custom suit, opt for patch pockets as a nod to timeless style and to reduce the stiffness of your look. Custom + Wool + 3-piece + patch pockets = You know what the hell you are doing.

Editor’s Note: Remember to consider layers you may be wearing under your jacket during Fall/Winter when being measured for your custom pieces. This is something you don’t have to take into account during the warmer months.

-Go-to Boots-

Fall 2015

More than ever before, boots can be used to accomplish an array of impressive looks. Want to go casual and still be a well-dressed badass? This Fall, wear them with rolled up, destroyed jeans, a chunky turtleneck and a wicked overcoat. If you are suiting up and want to show people that you aren’t scared, grab some cap toe, or wingtip boots and wear them confidently as you stroll through downtown in your wool 3-piece. However, full disclosure – don’t do this if you don’t like attention.

Boots have always been synonymous with rebellion. They still are. But, this season, if you can use them to  pull off refined rebellion, heads will inevitably turn.

Editor’s Note: Don’t be afraid to wear well-worn boots with your more formal looks. The best leathers get even better with age. Do make sure they remain clean and shine them every four to six wears to get the most out of them and your look.

It’s in the Bag-

Fall 2015

Imagine this…

A guy rolls up to his private jet in his Aston. He begins to step out of the vehicle and you notice that he is dressed to kill. He reaches across the console to grab his bag and when he exits the car, you realize that he is holding a backpack that looks like he bought it from the local sporting goods store. Now, how did that bag impact your perception of the guy?

Perception is reality.

Accessories matter.

This Fall, invest in a bag that is substantial. Something that is sexy and shows the world that you care about the details. If you are purchasing your first “real” bag this season, go for something versatile, that will last you forever. You can never go wrong with jet black and if you prefer canvas over all leather, make sure that the canvas used to construct the piece is thick and the stitching on the bag is well done. Worn, high quality leather can be a beautiful thing. Poorly constructed canvas? Not so much.

Add these three things to your wardrobe this season and you will be well on your way to an impressive Fall/Winter look.  Here’s the great news, gents-these suggestions aren’t trends. They add a timeless element to your wardrobe and you will be able to use them forever. After all, you are far too refined to care about trends anyway. Right?

Suit up. Set out. Take over.

and as always

Dress like you give a damn.