The new trailer for Star Wars: Rogue One dropped yesterday, and the internet responded exactly as you imagined they would.


People are stoked. And rightfully so. After ‘Force Awakens’ blew us all away last year, the world has finally been able to take that much needed sigh of relief. We know what it is like to see our expectations dashed to bits. We all saw ‘Attack of the Clones.’

But now that the Star Wars franchise is back on track, since the initial announcement that Rogue One was coming December 2016, we have been waiting with baited breath to see just what was to come. And now that we can get an actual glimpse, man does it look awesome. See for yourself.

Space battles – check.

Force fighting – check.

Laser rifle combat- check.

Death Star – check

Darth Vader – checkity goddamn check.

Moreover, the trailer gives us our first real look at what the plot for Rogue One could be. And it looks like an interesting departure from the typical Star Wars trope. While most movies in the franchise focus heavily on the science fiction aspect of the Star Wars universe, Rogue One lets the Star take a back seat to the Wars.

So, just to clarify, this movie fits somewhere in between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope. The Death Star is just now being constructed, and Darth Vader is just coming into power. A time we have yet to see, and a point in Star Wars history that fans have been clamoring for.

We find out that the protagonist of Rogue One, Jyn Erso, is the daughter of a contractor who was integral to the construction of the Death Star. We also get a more solid look at their rag tag gang of rebels (and possibly the early stages of the rebel alliance).
All things considered, Rogue One looks to be the perfect film to tide fans over as we patiently wait for Episode 8.