That huge can of Red Bull may get you through a hard day at the office, but it’s not exactly an ideal long-term solution to your lacking drive and diminishing energy levels.

So, coffee, more water, regular exercise? Just what is the answer to keep you vibrant and spirited throughout the day?

Here are some key energy tips to help you stay alert from 9 till 5:


 Man sleeping

The first of our energy tips is a favorite of mine. Yup, the best way to ensure you stay awake is to sleep. Ok, so this may be a bit of an obvious one, but getting six to eight hours of good quality rest is imperative to you feeling peppy for the day ahead. Make a routine of it, and ensure you get off to sleep in a good way by trying to avoid looking at a screen for at least 20 to 30 minutes before you hit the sack. Once you’re up the day is yours to make, and if you’re not particularly a morning person these bonus pointers should help.



Once your wide awake, the best thing you can do is get some fuel in you for the day.

Yes, it may be something of a cliché to say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and some even disagree, but whatever your stance, getting a protein rich meal to start your day is a no-brainer.

Plenty of protein helps stabilize your blood sugar and keep you from becoming overly fatigued, so a breakfast with lots of good proteins, like, say an omelette is a great way to stay energized.

If you haven’t got the time to be making yourself an omelette in the morning (or your not quite a morning person just yet), then blitzing together a protein-rich smoothie may be a quicker option for you. Chia seeds make for a great, filling healthy addition.

Looking for other protein-packed recipes? We’ve got you covered.


Water bubbles

With plenty of sleep and a good breakfast, the next step is drinking enough water.

Drinking plenty of water will stop you wanting that mid-afternoon snack. Typically those 2 o’clock cravings are for pretty unnecessary junk which is more often than not full of empty calories, and will go no way towards helping see you through till five. Replacing the Snickers with a big glass of water will more than do the trick – don’t confuse being hungry with dehydration.

Stay hydrated folks – you’ll feel more alert for it!


Bright City

Work in a dark corner of the office? Try and open a window or open the blinds to brighten up your work environment.

The brighter the better as your body gets vital vitamin D from the sun which helps keep your energy levels high — why else do you think you feel so good when on a sunny vacation. Bring that feeling to your desk with a bit more natural light.

It’s also important to try to get off your desk whenever possible as too much sitting down has been linked to heart disease, diabetes, and premature death.

Play it Loud


To get you through the last few hours at work plug in your headphones and get your head down with an energetic playlist.

Several reports claim that loud music is not only effective in increasing productivity and reliving stress but jamming away to your tunes can fight fatigue.

Finding a genre that works for you will be worth it, as music is a great way to get your mind stimulated, and energized right through until home time.

In the meantime try one of our curated playlist, like the Best Of 2017 So Far playlist.