Spring is almost over which means summer is around the corner – and the season of going to the beach is upon you. We all know you haven’t lost those pounds you gained during the winter.

As we’ve said in the past, nutrition is pretty much the most important part of fitness so along with your weekly workouts, you need to make some changes to your diet if you want to achieve those sculpted abs you’ve been training for.

Drink Green Tea Not Coffee

cup of green tea with mint

Green Tea has been shown to help burn belly fat when coupled with daily workouts. As much as you love your morning coffee, it will not help you lose that belly in time for summer. In fact, coffee might be doing the opposite as too much of it can cause you to retain water and look bloated.

Eat Strawberries Not Chips as a Snack


A cup of strawberries is only 50 calories yet it holds your daily total of vitamin C, the vitamin that keeps your skin looking young and healthy. Young and healthy skin is essential to a summer body. While strawberries may be a little more expensive, those chips you love so much are full of trans fats and artificial contents.

Eat Green Beans Not Potatoes As Your Side


A cup of green beans has 4 grams of fibre and is only 44 calories. Green beans are also an excellent source of vitamin K, a vitamin that helps maintain strong and healthy bones. Potatoes are some of the most starchy foods out there, and just like rice, pasta, and white bread, they make you fat.

Snack on Almonds not on Protein Bars


A quarter cup of almonds along with your regular fitness routine can help your weight lose dramatically. The health benefits of almonds are endless, they help with brain health, they provide you with a natural source of energy and they even help clear up your skin. Daily almond eaters have been found to have a better metabolism and blood sugar control, thus fighting weight gain, and reducing abdominal fat. Most protein bars instead are full of sugar and trans fats–you might as well eat a Snickers.

Use Pepper Not Salt


Black Pepper has elements that eastern medicine has been using for years to treat things such as inflammation. Studies are beginning to show it may also help with weight lose – regardless it won’t add to your tummy the way salt may. Again salt (sodium) is one of the main obstacles in the road to a six-pack as it causes water retention in your body.

Dijon Mustard Not Ketchup


Contrary to popular belief, not all condiments are equal. Ketchup, which is very high in sodium and sugar, is so bad for you that it is one of the 11 Foods Diet Experts Won’t Touch. Instead, use mustard which actually increases your metabolism by 25 per cent for several hours and doesn’t have sugar or carbs.

Add these dietary tips to your daily workout routine and watch your tummy turn into a beach ready body.